Gramma Softball

I don't have a picture for this entry but I had to tell you about my Saturday night! I was invited to play softball with the neighbourhood Obaasan ("Obahsan" = Grandma) league! There was some young blood but most of the team members are over 50! some even retired. And they are SERIOUS about their softball. There were 3 umps officiating! And the captain, this nice little gramma, kept arguing with the ref, and yelling at me on 2nd as to where to stand. It was a riot! The pitcher was arthritic, but that didn't stop her (although we lost). And the back-catcher was just as flexible as any I've seen in the major leagues. (But they get lots of practice "squatting" here...if you know what I mean). Next time I will have to get some pics.

Sunday night I got to take the whole family to an event put on by a local chapter of homestay moms. They welcome a group of high school students every year from Oregon. One of those moms is a teacher at my school, so she invited us to come to this welcome party. We were able to enjoy an exhibition of Taiko drumming! Then we got to try it ourselves. We had a hoot.

So, that was our weekend in a nutshell...a riot and a hoot. :-)
Hope yours was as good.

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