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As Kelly mentioned, we spent the weekend at Tokyo Disneyland. That was two weeks ago now. From my persepective, a wonderful time was had by all. Saturday was nuts, there was a huge amount of people there and the lineups were ridiculous. We tired out quite early and headed back to the hotel in time for supper and some World Cup action.

We discovered that Pizza Hut pizza is pretty much the same over here as it is back home, its GREASY! And the Hawaiian pizza has corn on it. Most pizza over here has corn, and mayonaisse. Whenever I say that I like ham and pineapple pizza, I am given a look that makes me think that I just said that I like to beat little kids and steal their candy. Apparently pineapple is not to be eaten cooked.

One of the highlights for me was taking Selah on Space Mountain. As Kelly mentioned, Mixon has come to the conclusion that he does not like roller coasters. So, Selah and I waited in line while Mixon and Kelly waited for us at the exit. Selah was very quiet during the ride. Quiet enough that I was concerned that she was not enjoying it. We got to the end of the ride and I asked her how she liked it.

Her lip started to quiver.

I thought 'Oh great, we've wrecked her'.

She took some deep breaths.

She balled up her fists, wiped the tears from her eyes and said,

'That was fun.'

She rode again with Kelly.

Another highlight was riding the Buzz Lightyear ride with Mixon. It was an experience that gave new meaning to the term "Kid in a candy store." There were Buzzes and Zurgs all over the place that needed to be either helped or mercilessly destroyed and Mixon was a champion at both.

The kids and I had to leave Tokyo a couple days before Kelly so there was a very emotional farewell at the train
station. You would think that we were leaving Kelly for good. We were all a little tired. The kids were pretty weepy until we met this guy...how can a kid not smile when they see a grown man carrying around a dog in a bag. Turns out the guy was boarding the same train as us. He spoke pretty decent English and when he found out we are from Canada he mentioned that he lives in a log house, built by a company from Salmon Arm. Pretty cool.

Twas a good weekend. Thanks Ralph!


The Springs said...

that's funny about the cooked pineapple! I guess all the Japanese Students we've hosted over the years must've just been going crazy inside trying not to give us that look you just described when we served them pizza for dinner... because of course it was ham and pineapple! Ooops.
A log house in Japan...that'd be a sight, eh?!
Happy Canada Day to you all!

Rachel Z said...

Your story of Selah on Space Mountain sounds like me on the Scream Machine at Expo 86. Who knew you'd be torturing another little girl 20 years later?!