Tokyo Disneyland

We had a blast in TDL last weekend. (Colin and I have wanted to go there since our honeymoon 11 years ago at Disneyland in LA.) TDL was huge, hot and crowded on Saturday, but Sunday it rained so we didn't have to wait in line for more than 30 minutes at a time. It was just like the one in LA except with wider spaces (for more people) and fewer rides (to accomodate wide spaces). Everything was in Japanese, except for the "English Atmosphere" announcements. (Canadians are used to this being English first and the repeat in French) All the "cast members" were Japanese except for the princes and princesses in the parades. They were caucasian. We met one on the train on our way back to the hotel after day 1. (She still had some make-up on...that was our clue) We asked her what character she played but she is not allowed to tell! Who knew Disneyland characters were top-secret! Actually, it is because they often get stalked!!! Especially in Tokyo. People figure out their real names and learn everything about them. Then they show up everyday at the park to see their favourite character! (kinda creepy eh?) She said she used to work at the Orlando DL but likes it much better here...she is literally treated like a princess! (including the stalkers apparently...)

The theme was "Find Stitch". Stitch was so excited to be an attraction at TDL that he helped to decorate...but he got a little carried away and the decorations didn't turn out so great. So, now he feels really bad and is hiding. Your job is to follow the "clues" throughout the park to find him.

Stitch planted flowers of himself and replaced Mickey!...ooops!

Here is Cinderella's Castle. We didn't get to go in because it was under renovation.

We found stitch at several places. Here we found him disguised as one of the seven dwarves at Snow White's wishing well.

Mixon liked the Tiki Tiki Room...

Yes, this is a life-size Buzz Lightyear..... And yes, this is his life-size Etch-a-sketch

Selah and I tried to help Buzz defeat the evil Emporer Zorg! ;-)

We enjoyed many other rides. Mixon discovered that he absolutely does not like roller coasters or haunted houses. Selah discovered that she loves Space Mountain...and she likes to ride it quietly. (I was told NOT to scream) Colin and I dicovered you don't have to wait in line twice if you both want to ride a roller coaster and our child doesn't! :-) I think half the adventure was riding the shinkansen (bullet train). (Apparently they are nothing like roller coasters...)

We had a great time! One we will never forget.
Maybe next time we see you Mickey,
it will be in a different part of the world
on a different adventure!


Rachel Z said...

I like this blog so much better than your old one! Great pics. I have officially become a blog-snoop since starting up ours last week. It's been great fun. I'll check yours every day! :) R

The Springs said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog! Great to see what you are up to. We peeked at your other blog the other day and now we'll check up on this one often too!
Take care!