Water Falls

This is Yoro Falls.
We visited this beautiful spot on Canada Day (July 1st).
Whether or not it is actually the fountain of youth...as delcared above...we'll keep you posted.

This is the other water fall I wanted to tell you about. The one from the sky! Can you see the rain? This is the view from our "balcony" during monsoon season. (The opposite side of our apartment looks out on to rice paddies, which are being flooded/filled with this rain) Those of you in Canada may think this looks refreshing and feel the coolness creeping up your arms as you see the heavy rain. But, let me asure you, it is not in the least refreshing! The temperature is hovering around 30 degrees C (and creeping ever higher) and everything is wet and sticky and hot. When I sigh (which is often) I can feel a tingling sensation all the way to my fingertips. Colin says this is my blood reoxygenating because the air is so heavy with water! (I had this sensation here last summer too, and it disappeared in mid-September...about the time the air started drying out a bit)
We are now shifting from monsoon to typhoon season. No "snow days" here. A "typhoon day" gets you a day off school.

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