All I Want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth

The other one is out! Isn't she cute? The Tooth Fairy seems to know how to get to Japan now. She made it the first night this time!


Grandma M said...

Bravo, Selah! You will have grown your two shiny new teeth by the time we see you at Christmas - love you lots!

Rachel Z said...

What a grown-up girl! Can't wait to see you - hope it's not much longer than one year from now!

I posted a comment about the kids plants, what happened to that? Do you have comment moderation on and are not approving comments?

Anonymous said...

Wow Selah, you're quite the photographer!! The pictures of the fireworks is awesome.
Great looking smile too Poppit. I'm glad the tooth fairy found you this time.
Love you.
Gramma C.

Grandpa M said...

We will look around and see if we can find some new or used Canadian teeth that might fit you. If we do, we will bring them with us when we come to visit at Christmas time.

Gramma C. said...

Selah, The tooth fairy is going to be well acquainted with your house for the next while.