On coming home...

I know it is a year away, but it seems that Kelly and I often find ourselves thinking about what we want our lives to look like when we return to Canada.

The current plan is to set up our life in Kamloops. We do not want to return to the craziness of Calgary (too big, too expensive, too busy...). Kamloops seems like a good-sized city with a reasonable amount of amenities and services available, it is close to Clearwater, where my folks will be setting up their retirement plans...all in all, it seems like a good place to live.

One of the things we want to do is reduce our reliance on cars for transportation. I have heard that Kamloops isn't ideally set up for cycling, but that is our plan right now. The big hurdle has been how to manage the transition from driving just about everywhere to riding just about everywhere.

Well, today I found the coolest bike company that just may have the answer to our needs.

Check out www.xtracycle.com.

Make sure you look at the photo album with pictures of people carrying ridiculously huge loads on their bikes (like hay bales, lumber, a monthly Costco shopping trip, cinder blocks, 2 55 gallon rain barrels...)




Rachel Z said...

so, no car at all? cycling to church and the movies and to clearwater? Does a bus pass count as not relying on a car?

Linea said...

wow, I admire your ambition. i got my first flat yesterday, it was a terrible feeling, like part of my freedom had been taken away. strange.

Vertigo said...

We will likely have to have a car for some things, like going to Clearwater. It hit me the other day how much of our monthly budget goes into a car. A monthly payment of $200, insurance is over $100 and gas is $1.40 a litre. Our Subaru isn't exactly a fuel efficient beast either.

I don't think it would be easy to go totally without a car in Kamloops. There just isn't enough infrastructure to support a totally bike-centred commuting lifestyle. But we can surely reduce the amount we spend on a car.

I would definately consider a bus pass to be reducing our reliance on cars. Currently close to 90% of all car trips are for a single passenger.

For about a year and a half, when we lived in mom and dad's basement suite, we didn't own a car. I rode to work, we walked to church and borrowed the Sunbird for shopping etc.

Vertigo said...


Flats suck. Especially since they happen at the worst of times. Hope you had a patch kit, and tire levers, and a pump...

Rachel Z said...

aren't there a lot of hills in Kamloops? If that's what you're looking for, come here! My parenting magazines tell me to try to incorporate hills into my walking routine. I do what I can to avoid the hills! Not so easy to do here in the rainforest at the edge of the world.

Dad said...

Sounds like you just might have to consider North Kamloops -- out towards where Paul and Lori live or out towards Tranquille. It is mostly flat out that way and then if you wanted to go to WalMart or other big box store on the south shore you would have the privilege of cycling up a huge hill -- but then you could coast all the way back home without peddling!

Vertigo said...

I can bike most places without peddling...in fact I have never peddled a bike.

I quite often pedal my bike and find that I can get a great many places by pedalling it.