Osaka Festival


After supper it was time to go to the festival. We headed to the main centre of town where there were the typical food booths set up with horrendously overpriced and over-caloried food choices. たこやき (takoyaki) or little grilled octopus balls are very popular at most Japanese festivals. They are about as ubiquitous as "Those Little Donuts". But they taste different. They are about the size of a TimBit (again, different taste) and are made of batter with vegetables and a little piece of tako (octopus). They are grilled on a grilled on a grill that kinda looks like a big ice cube tray. They don't taste very good.

You can also often find a booth that sells crepes or waffles served with fruit and whipped cream...very tasty.

These people are lined up to buy a plate of yakisoba for 300 yen or so.

Shortly after we arrived at the main square in the town, a big float carrying a taiko group showed up, then a whole bunch of mostly naked, very sweaty men carrying two shrines representing some sort of local deity.

After they arrived and ran around and yelled a whole bunch, people started throwing goodies at the crowd from an adjacent building.

Mixon caught one!

They were ち(mochi) a Japanese treat made from pounded rice.

After that craziness, it was time to head down to the bridge to watch the fireworks. It is difficult to take good pictures of fireworks. I have learned that you need a fairly long f-stop and large aperture, leading to a significant need for a tripod. You can tell from my pics that I do not have a tripod. Here are some of my favourites.

After the fireworks, we went to Chiemi's Aunt and Uncle's home in Takayama for the night...more on that later.



Rachel Z said...

Good stories!
Is that Mixon?!
Do your hosts mind that you take pictures of their food?

Rachel Z said...

yet again, I'm amazed at how often I see similarities between Max and Mixon. After being surprised at how Mixon looks so different in the picture here, I caught a glimpse of Max making the very same expression today. Families are great!

Laurel-Anne said...

That was my reaction too! I couldn't find any other explanation of who the boy in the picture is, and it fits the story! Wow, what a difference a year and a half can make!

Vertigo said...

There is only 1/2 a size between his and my (Kelly's) feet now. I can wear his sandles...it I want to.
The girl in the picture with him is 17.
She (Chiemi) might come to Canada to study English after high school...I have her in touch with ESL people connected with TRU in Kamloops!