So...a few minutes ago, I was quietly reading the Spring's blog when I heard the sound of the oven/microwave turning on, then off, then being opened...nothing revolutionary here. Then I heard the sound that I can only describe as flesh sizzling on a very hot element, followed immediately by Kelly going into full panic mode, running out of the kitchen and across the living room. I immediately assumed that she had burned herself very badly on the oven and jumped up to find out what had happened.

Turns out that sound of sizzling flesh was actually the cockroach flying out of the utensil drawer. The rest of the story remains the same.

A note about cockroaches...

Those little [bad word] are really fast and very hard to kill. If they find something behind which to hide, they will and it will be next to impossible to get them out.

With this one, we were fortunate that it landed on the kitchen floor and felt that it was hidden up against the wall under the cupboard. The trick then became how to catch and kill the little [bad word] without sending it under the fridge or behind our cupboards. It takes two people.

Kelly armed herself with a couple of books, I had our fly-swatter (kinda like bear-hunting with a .22) and a can of insecticide. We had all the exits blocked and I fired the first volley of [bad word] killer at the little tank. It panicked. Kelly panicked. It disappeared.

Then I noticed it at my feet. I managed to get a beer mug over it. It had taken a direct hit from the insecticide and it was still very much alive. At this point, I flooded the beer mug with the juice and let it stew for a while. It soon stopped twitching. So did Kelly.


Laurel-Anne said...

Too funny! It sounds like you were ready for battle, and had the lethal spray close at hand - are cockroaches regular visitors at your place?

Kelly, what's worse - roaches or mice?

Your Mom said...

Oh for a camera :-)
Now that description sounds a little like what we used to go through when I saw a "miller" (moth) but I will have to say I'll take those little critters any day to a cockroach! UGGHHHHH!

Vertigo said...

'roaches are a regular feature everywhere in Japan. We have been fortunate. This one was the third...that we have seen. Rumour has that if you see one, there are a million more hiding just out of sight.

I think it helps that we live on the second floor of a fairly new 'apaato'.

Jury is out on the roach vs mouse question.

The Springs said...

Thanks for reading my blog!!
And yikes on the 'roaches. Glad Kelly didn't burn herself... but now the haunting thought of cockroaches hiding, hmmm... I might have trouble with that one.
(Laurel, Hi, mice vs. 'roaches... I am terrified of mice in the home... would likely be equally terrified of these creatures too. Ugh)