Does Selah Speak English?

Yesterday we took the JETs from our area out to our favorite swimming hole on the Neo River. We rented a couple of vans (since it was cheaper for each individual than taking the train) and drove out together. (I was quite proud of ourselves for managing that in Japanese...with a little prep help from a Japanese friend)
It has been raining quite a bit this week and when we got there we were surprised to find our usual stake-out was under water. The current was a lot faster and the river coming off the mountain and feeding the Neo was shrouded in mist all day! It was very cool. Anyhow, we had to walk on a bit further to get to a beach, so we were all a little nervous walking through the river to do that. But it was all good.

The day was over cast and it rained at times but it was also close to 30˚C, so none of us were complaining about being in the river! In fact, the guys were able to jump from the bridge because the water-level was higher.

I wish you could meet Simon. He is hilarious. He just climbed up and jumped with no hesitation whatsoever. (Other guys were visibly nervous and took awhile to step off...with good reason!) Then Colin jumped after him and as the current was carrying them both downstream, Simon says, "I can't swim." (lol) He didn't appear worried at all and kept on jumping. (Oh to be "invincible")

There was another incident that will stand out in our minds for a long time. Most of these people don't know us well yet and have only met our kids recently. To our surprise, several people asked us yesterday if Selah still spoke English?! No joke! There were a couple of Japanese friends who came along yesterday, and immediately, Selah gravitated to them, and she spent the day speaking Japanese to everyone. It wasn't until she was in the van and on the way home that she engaged the "Western" ALTs and spoke English! It was really something to behold.

We swam, we BBQ'd, we talked shop, we had watermelon, we set off fireworks and ended the day with a stop at Starbuck's on the route home. All in all, it was a wonderful Saturday in Japan.

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Mom C. said...

Wow, such wonderful memories you are making!!
Very impressive Selah!!
They should use your family in promotional ventures to get other families interested in the JET experience.