Takayama is often called "Little Kyoto". Kyoto is famous in Japan as being the capital for many years before Tokyo. It is a city full of Japanese history and culture.

Takayama is a little town in the mountains of Hida that retains many of the same things as Tokyo. It is a very nice little town, very touristy. Speaking of touristy places...you know how there are so many Japanese tour busses that tour around Canada...well, there are tour busses here as well...and they are filled with Japanese tourists. I have never seen a tour bus here filled with anything other than Japanese tourists. You would think that there would be at least some with western tourists.

Anyways, we spent the morning at Chiemi's aunt's house eating breakfast and translating our names into Japanese. I (cm)remember that one possible translation for my name is 'child of the forest'. Can't remember anyone else's.

After b'fast we went into town to see the sights.

This is Chiemi, her aunt and the kids in Chiemi's aunt's shop in Takayama.

It was Obon, so there were many offerings left at the shrine by people paying respects to their dead ancestors.

For 3000 yen (about $30) you can tour Takayama in a ricksha for half an hour.

Chiemi, her mother and grandmother in front of their house as we were leaving.

As we left, we discovered why we were warned not to go to Takayama during Obon. The trip home (same 125 km), instead of 3 hours, took 4.5 hours. Traffic was at a standstill for much of the trip through the mountains.


Mom C. said...

Great pics. Jumping off the cliffs looks like fun!! Nice way to spend a hot day, watermelon included!
Sounds like the Japanese translation of your name suits you:-)

Anonymous said...

Hello, from Nic Huggins - aka, DuMont. How are you guys? I just got into understanding/enjoying more about blogging, so you are now in my 'fav' blog sights, so I will check up on you regularly.

Is Rachel a part of your blog? Where is she? Great to feel more connected to you all. And, I love Kamloops, if you move there. I have lots of family there, too.

We are great, living in Ottawa. I'm a stay at home Mom, and Paul is with AIA. Loving life, really. Mac is 6, Sam 3. Funky how time passes, eh?

I think it's FAB that you guys went/are in Japan. What a cool experience, and your kids will be totally enriched by it all.

Love you guys, Nicolle