Unexpected News

You may remember that last November, we had a post with this same title. It was then that we discovered that Selah had an irregular heartbeat.

Well, since then, we have been to the Dr several times. Each time, he said that it was not likely anything to worry about, but that we should monitor it in case her heart starts becoming enlarged.

Kelly took Selah in today for a check-up as it had been 6 months since the last appointment. The Dr did all the usual pointing and poking and prodding with ultra-sounds, ECGs and the like. He was quite surprised that there was nothing abnormal about Selah's heart rhythm or size.


He wants to see her again in March to rule out the possibility that it was just a fluke day, but the news was good none-the-less.

Whether God healed our little girl or she simply grew out of the arrythmia, we will not know this side of time. Regardless, we are grateful.


Mom C. said...

So happy and thankful to hear such wonderful news. God is Good!

Mom M said...