Bike Pics

Here is a sampling of some of the bikes available in our local grocery store.

Not sure who designed this bike or what he was smoking at the time, but it will set you back $150 CAD.

Here are some of the bikes that are in our bike shed.

This is a very typical folding bike belonging to one of our neighbours.

Family station wagon. Notice the placement of the seat, standard colour and standard issue kickstand. All you need to do is add an umbrella holder and pogies and you have a complete mama's bike.


Rachel Z said...

Is that really your family station wagon? The one Kelly uses to go shopping? Not such a comfy ride for the kid in the back.

Vertigo said...

Not our family...yet. Besides our kids can ride their own bikes.
No, that "station wagon" belongs to our neighbours below us. Her son is in the same grade as Selah (other class). He is a "big" boy, and until grade one started in April, the mom was putting him in that seat and "driving" him to kindergarten! (Not comfy at all! His feet were practically dragging on the ground! lol)

And this is only half a "sation wagon". The bike directly behind the picture-taker has a kid-seat on the front as well (instead of the basket). She has to cart 2 kids around. No belts, no helmets. BUT, the "driver" can put her feet on the ground any time...so it is safe in their minds.

(Kelly - wife of Vertigo)

anita said...

hey...penners here, well it's actually hiebert now but it just doesn't have the same ring. How are you guys doing? keeping well? hope life in japan is treating you well and your love of life is still as strong as "the old days". you can check out some pictures of our little peanut on steve's blog, these days i don't have a ton of time to update my blog. His is personalexpressions.ca/blog
hope you're keeping safe,