The mountains in Japan actually spit boulders.

What you can see from the viewpoint... this is looking west over Gifu City. You can see the Nagara river snaking through town. The route that I took followed the dyke on the west side of the river.

Same viewpoint looking south...if you can get the full size picture (I'm not sure what Blogger does with pictures) you should be able to distinguish Ichinomiya Tower in the centre and the twin towers at Nagoya Station in the far distance. These pictures were taken with my ketai (cell phone) so they are not great quality.

These flowers are called "higan bana". They bloom in the fall along the river banks and are quite exquisite. The picture below was taken last fall with my real camera (Canon PowerShot A520 4MP).


Mom C. said...

Great pics. They come through very well. Amazing phone you have there:)
The flower in the last pic is exquisite!

Rachel Z said...

is that the same kind of flower that's in the picture above it?

Vertigo said...

yup, same flowers.