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**This Post has been edited since first published. Edits are in italics.**

I have been listening to the Stand to Reason weekly podcasts on my way to and from work for the last week or so and I must admit to being in somewhat of a state of cognitive dissonance.

Here are some things that I believe to be true...in no particular order.

There are some things which are, for lack of a better term, objectively true. Their truth is not dependent upon the opinion, nationality, orientation or whatever of the speaker.

Many things that we think are objectively true really aren't. They are just opinions.

Some things that are objectively true include natural laws (gravity, thermodynamics) and moral laws (the torture of innocent people is wrong).

Contemporary society is rapidly changing from a 'modern' mindset to a 'postmodern' one.

The Church of the modern age had better change in order to influence a postmodern culture. The Church must learn to speak the language of postmodernism.

I agree with Greg Koukl. I agree with Brian McLaren. Greg Koukl (www.str.org) and Brian McLaren (www.brianmclaren.net) disagree with each other.

Dialogue is better than monologue, but sometimes monologue is necessary.

Diplomacy is better than bombs, but sometimes bombs are necessary.

All humans have certain rights simply because they are human.

Humans have invented 'rights' that are really privileges.

Every right implies a responsibility.

I could be wrong about a whole lot of things.

The American/Canadian 'Dream' is really a nightmare.

Spiritual certainty is an oxymoron because faith cannot exist in the abscence of doubt.

Spiritual certainty is a necessity because without it, we cannot have a meaningful discussion about anything.

Measurement is impossible without an absolute.

The earth was created. It happened sometime before about 1973. I know that much for sure because I was born in `73. So I guess the earth had to exist before that. My parents say they were born in the late 40`s. I suppose I can believe them, so I guess that would mean the earth was around then too. I have heard that my grandparents were born in the early 1900`s. Beyond that, things are a little more fuzzy.

I totally support a person`s (man, woman, child) right to choose.

A person`s right to choose is predicated on the responsibility to choose that which is morally correct. It matters what is being chosen.

Your thoughts??


Laurel-Anne said...

Can you suggest a few readings from each of these sites?

I have been biased (perhaps unfairly) against Brian McLaren ever since I first read someone else's opinion of one of his books. My impression is that sometimes emergent thinkers want to not only communicate with the world in a different way, but that they often say different things. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater, if you will.

"The Church of the modern age had better change in order to influence a postmodern culture. The Church must learn to speak the language of postmodernism."

Can you elaborate on the language of postmodernism? Or point me to someone else who has?

sans auto said...

Many of the things we accept as "reality" just haven't been studied enough.

Good post, I like it.

paul said...

hmmmmm...good thoughts bro.

thanks for the tension...

Laurel-Anne said...

I've since read some of McLaren's stuff, at least enough to refresh my memory about postmodernism.

He led me on a rabbit trail that I may explore on my blog.

paul said...

ok, i just clicked on the "Drive a Hummer? Click Here" tab on your site...love it!

as for your new italics...you should know that the world has been around since at least the 1500's because that's when the reformation happened...and if it didn't happen then what would so many christians have to beleive in (using minor sarcasm there...)?

mytzpyk said...

I’ve read through your list a few times. I’ve taken the exercise seriously and enjoyed it. Here are the items that stand out (for better or worse) to me.

“torture of innocent people is wrong” – I’d remove innocent.

“the church had better change” – I agree, but strongly suggest it should become more Christlike.

“monologue is necessary…bombs are necessary” – I don’t readily accept this. I have no ready counter.

“The American Dream is really a nightmare” – strongly agree.

“Spiritual certainty is an oxymoron” – strongly agree.

“Spiritual certainty is a necessity” – I don’t readily accept this.

“Choose what is morally correct” – I’d remove morally. Choosing wisely is always better, choosing poorly teaches lessons.

Laurel-Anne said...

mytzpyk said:

“Choose what is morally correct” – I’d remove morally. Choosing wisely is always better, choosing poorly teaches lessons."

I like "morally" better than "wisely". Morally assumes that there is an objective moral standard, but what is wise for one person may be hurtful to someone else. Wise is too subjective, unless wisdom adheres to an absolute moral standard.

Vertigo said...

Thanks for all of your thoughts everyone.

I think it is significant that in the first version of this post, I did not include the idea that spiritual certainty is necessary.

Perhaps I was using the word "certainty" in two different ways in those two sentences.

Maybe it would be better to say that 'unjustified spiritual certainty' (irrational dogmatism)is counter- productive and that 'justified spiritual certainty' (rational faith) is a necessity.

**My daughter is harassing me to take her to Konomi-chan's house so I will continue later...**

Vertigo said...

I believe that bombs are sometimes necessary because some people will not listen to words. What would the world look like if we had not used bombs against the Nazis?

Do I think the US was right in invading Iraq? I'm not convinced they were, there is too much that points to the idea that Bush was at least in part motivated by maintaining a supply of cheap oil. Can I really say anything about Bush's motives...no, but I can't seem to discount the idea that that is what happened.