Still experiencing Cultural Vertigo

Seeing as how this is still the "family" blog, AND related to our Cultural Vertigo...I am still allowed to post here once in awhile! ;-)

Yesterday was my birthday. Yippee!...?...!...? (Not sure if I am happy about that or not)
Time is flying!
Anyway, I wanted to tell you about our little adventure last night. We went to a little "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant in Gifu City called El Paso. That's right...a Mexican restaurant in the middle of Japan (this is NOT Tokyo, baby). And it was literally a hole in the wall! There was room for 3 "groups. You walked in the door and the bar was on your left with about 6 bar stools. You could just squeeze down this like a hallway (the bath room door on your right...which opened into your path if someone was coming out at the time....). At the back were tables enough for 3 small groups. It was smaller than my kitchen here in Japan! The food was authentic though! I think the owner was half Japanese, half Mexican. The food was AMAZING! (And we paid for it!!! there was a 400yen charge per person, just for walking in the door...that is about $4 Can.). The best part was the TV up in the corner showing Johnny Cash and the Carter Family about 30 years ago doing a country gospel concert! After that was Loretta Lynn crooning Inspirational Hymns!
We listened to How Great Thou Art and The Old Rugged Cross, eating authentic Mexican food in the heart of Japan. Sometimes Japan is very surreal!
Also of mention...My hubby gave me the new Dixie Chicks album, "Taking the Long Way". I have decided that the title track is my theme song for my 34th year! :-) It will also be a great riding tune. (Oops, I just gave up my age...and it is NOT 34!)

btw contrary to this BLOG entry...I am NOT a country music fan!
(At least, I am still denying it. ;-)

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