I mentioned previously that Kelly and I will be diving headlong into a car-free lifestyle upon our return to Canada next summer. The reasons are simple...we don`t want to have to buy a car and shipping our 10-year-old Legacy home wouldn`t be the best use of our money. By going car-free, we hope to save ourselves about $500 a month.

The guys over at Xtracycle introduced their creation to the cycling world 5 years ago at the Interbike convention in Vegas. It has been well received. One of the drawbacks of the Xtracycle is that you have to retrofit your own bike with their `FreeRadical` before you can add the Xtracycle components. This retrofit extends your bike`s wheelbase by about 40 or 50 cm(?). The linkage between the FreeRadical and your bike is sometimes the cause of a little instability.

Well, at this year`s Interbike a couple weeks ago, Surly introduced their first Longtail frame built specifically for the Xtracycle. This way you have no need to retrofit your own frame with a FreeRadical and they have built it with extra stability to prevent the frame from whipping you around when you really hammer the pedals. Here is a pic...

You can find more pics at http://todd.cleverchimp.com/blog/?p=150

Go Ride a Bike!



SueJ said...

So... do you have an Xtracycle?

Vertigo said...

I do not have an Xtracycle...yet.

I will likely order two shortly before I leave Japan so that they (hopefully) arrive at my parent's house by the time we arrive home and set up shop.

I assume from your profile picture that you do...any advice? Have you had any problems? Since I discovered Xtracycle, I have heard nothing but positive reviews....