Coulda been nasty

A couple weeks ago, I was driving to work and came upon an accident scene. Fortunately, I had an immediately available exit and re-entrance to my route. The accident was somewhat disturbing though.

The road that I drive to work is on the top of a dyke, it is very narrow and there are no guardrails.

The bike path that I used to ride is half-way down the bank of that dyke. This picture gives you a good idea how little room there is for error on this road.

On this particular morning, someone made an error. I don't have pictures of the actual accident (I got these on my ride yesterday), but it was a large truck. You can see the path that the truck followed down the dyke and across the bike path. The green barriers are the replacements for what used to be the white fence. Notice the rear dualies on the blue truck...he was moving back onto the road at that point in time.

He destroyed a whole lot of the fence. He ended up on the bottom half of the dyke, below the bike path.

You can see the gouges that he left in the asphalt. The bigger one is about 4-5 cm deep and about a metre long.

Glad I didn't ride that day.


Dad M said...

Well what else can one expect when they intentionally drive on the wrong side of the road. Someone is sure to get hurt -- glad it wasn't you.

Mom C said...

Me too!! Your guardian angel was on duty:-)
Are there many of these accidents? Are they caused by excessive speed, or carelessness, i.e. cellphones?

We have a road down here in this area that is similar - very narrow - and built over a canal - no guardrails on either side. Last winter a young Mom and her 4 yr old son went off the slippery road into the water and were drowned. She was talking to her best friend on her cell phone at the time. Very traumatic. Still no guard rails though!!

sans auto said...

tag, your turn.