First Impressions

I was very interested in my reaction to picking up Mom and Dad from the airport. The last time we saw them was July 28/05. In the meantime we have been thoroughly immersed in Japanese culture.

One thing about Japan is that there is huge emphasis placed on 'fitting in'. It is very clear that there has been very little 'outside' genetic information on these islands for a very long time. There is one color of hair. Sometimes there are different shades of hair, but that is usually artificial. See below...

After a year and a half of seeing minor variations on a theme and virtually nobody that is directly related to me, I guess I wasn't prepared for seeing Mom for the first time in 18 months.

As she came through the doors after clearing security, there were three things that struck me right away.

-Mom is getting older(...sorry mom). That is not to say that she looked to be in poor health at all, she looks good and healthy, but older.

-The second thing that happened was that I saw my sister Laurel in her face. It was as clear as day.

-Immediately after seeing Laurel, I saw Grandpa Brammall.

For me, those second two impressions really set the tone for our visit. It was really good to connect with family again. It was good to be able to sit around the house and not worry about what cultural taboos we were breaking without even realizing it.


Rachel Z said...

and I'm sure you all wiped tears then like you're making me do now.

come home already!

Mom C said...

Just wait til you see me come through the door with my walker!!

Mom M said...

That's OK, after all, my second son is 33! I prefer "older" to the alternative.
Last evening at our church AGM we sang one of my favourite contempory hymns, In Christ Alone (lyrics by Stuart Townend). Two of the lines are:
From life's first cry to final breath
Jesus commands my destiny.
I'll stick with that.