Lets Biking!!

Yesterday, the Kelly and I had some free time to ourselves, without the kids. So we did what every normal person would do and went for a bike ride.

We made it to Gifu Park at a nice leisurely pace, bought an ice cream and headed back home. all in all it is about 30 k round trip. This is the same route that I did with the kids back at the beginning of December when Kelly was buried in books.

Here are some pics from the first trip...

Mom and Dad, you have pictures of the scene above about a month later. This little waterfall is at the base of the Ropeway on Mt Kinka.

Today, our friend Keiko took us all and her daughter, Konomi to Hirata Park. I love that there are so many open spaces to play here, and people actually use them to play. The big draw at this particular park is a huge long slide. Many slides around here are not like typical playground slides back home. Over here, they are made from rollers, a lot of rollers.


Mom C. said...

Now that's quite a slide. Makes ours look pretty small.
I'm embarrassed to admit I'm not sure if that last pic is you or Mixon. I think it's you but I just took another look and wondered???

Rachel Z said...

Great pics! I want to go for a long big bike ride. You'll have to help our family become a "let's biking" family, too.

Karen - it's Mixon. And wow, my son sure looks like his great big cousin. Can't wait to see them together in person!

Rachel Z said...
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