Child obesity is child abuse.

This is Connor. You may have heard of him in the news recently. If not, here is the CBC's take on his story.

This child is 8 years old and has a mass of 89 kg! That is triple what it should be for a child his age.

His mother, who suffers from depression, claims that she has tried to control his diet, but she is limited to feeding him the things that he likes. Hopefully that claim makes you give your head a shake. The mother of an 8 year old boy is limited by HIS desires.

I am not totally convinced that this child should be removed from his home, but I am convinced that he is being abused to death. There are two little letters that when put together in the form of a sentence would do this kid a whole lot of good. N-O!

There are not many sentences in the English language that are much simpler, and in this case, more potentially life-saving.


sans auto said...

It's so sad. My grandfather once told me that he would do absolutely anything to make his father proud of him and now it seems that parent will do almost anything to make their children proud of them. What changed?

sans auto said...
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