Good Afternoon

Here is how I spent the afternoon with Mixon.

He has 5 or 6 Bionicles that he plays with very regularly and with great gusto. It is cool to watch him when he gets into his imagination. This afternoon, he took all his Bionicles apart, sorted all the pieces and we put this menacing fellow together. He is a good guy, but I forget his name.

He has six arms and four legs. The top two arms are pincers, the next two carry swords (one fire and one ice) and the next two fire projectiles of some sort.

The tail-like thing in the back carries a stinger, kinda like a scorpion.

A few weeks ago, Mixon was reading Eragon when he suddenly put his book down, got up and headed to his room and started putting on his swords (he has several). I asked him what he was doing. He said 'I am playing from the book now.'


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Gramma C. said...

WOW, Awesome job Mixon (& dad:-)
That's the beauty of imagination (and the time to create and play!!)