New look for the Madlands

I am blessed.

The sweater was a Christmas gift made by my mom that I received in the summer of 2000. It is nice heavy wool and keeps me warm through these ridiculous Japanese winters. I would much rather wear my sweater than breathe kerosene fumes.

The toque was a gift from my wife. She finished it just a few days ago. The picture below was taken by my daughter.

Mixon is also extraordinarily blessed with Madland good looks. Unfortunately his lookers need a little help.


Mom M said...

Way to go Kelly! I've never actually made a toque (perhaps translation is needed for your American readers), and that is at least your second one. Does the yarn self-stripe or did you have to change colours? Keep that "Stitch 'n Bitch" going.
Mixon, will you read your 500 page books with even greater pleasure now. You're ready for the Harry Potter finale.

Mom/Gramma C said...

Congrats Kell. Nice toque. Really matches the sweater.
Wow Mixon. I like your new look. I remember how thrilled your Mom was when she got her glasses and could see again. About your age I think.
This should chase away those headaches.

Rachel Z said...

Gasp! Perhaps mom M needs to explain her potty mouth to the rest of us!

Mixon, you're huge.

Mini-Me said...

Mixon started complaining only a couple of weeks ago that he couldn't see to read. Turns out he has inherited his father's far-sightedness (thank goodness...cuz I am the opposite and blind as a bat!). He only needs to wear them to read...AND he told us right away...unlike myself, who as a child who kept my "problem" a secret for a year cuz I was scared! Way to go Mixon! Selah now wants a pair.

Yes, the toque was deceptively easy because I did it with self-striping yarn. :) I got it from that little hole-in-the-wall wool shop where you bought Japanese Wool for Dad's scarf. How is that coming by the way? ;)
The "Stitch n Bitch" is a book title, Rach. Mom is only quoting...;) It makes knitting "cool" again. (lol)

Tyler said...

Are the MAdland's coming back to Calgary this summer?