Microsoft's 'revolutionary' new operating system is out. It sports such 'new' and 'cutting edge' technology as gadgets, which are little programs that you can run in the background and use to subscribe to RSS feeds, check the weather and a whole bunch of other stuff. Cool.

Oh and they have this cool new search capability in each and every window! Can you believe it? And get this, it comes with a firewall! yippee!!!

As I read the article that was singing the praises of this technological marvel I couldn't keep from smirking.

All these 'advances' have been part of OS X for well over a year now. So, true to form, MS catches up to where Mac was last year.


Mom C said...

You could be doing the commercials that MAC has now with PC. Are you getting the English version there or is it in Japanese. They're pretty funny!! I think of you every time I see them:-)

Comment on pic at right - is that what you call being transparent??

Laurel-Anne said...

A quote attributed to Tom Clancy:

"Never ask what sort of computer a guy drives. If he's a Mac user,
he'll tell you. If not, why embarrass him?"

paulz said...

i love it when people tell me that because i'm a mac user i can't open certain things...which is very true...i can't open viruses, it just wont let me...and i don't even have any anti-virus protection! man, i wish i could open everything PC's could :-( too bad for me.

Emily said...

I wouldn't have a problem running a MAC if it was easily upgradeable and I could make hardware changes without buying a new PC. I think that is where MAC misses out. Computer geeks that dig hardware would jump at a chance to get away from PC and microsoft if they had the same capabilities for games and hardware on the PC. Just as with the IPOD that won't some common file types used on PC, MAC isolates itself by not admiting that they could literally OWN the market if they embraced common functionalities that PC type devices have.

I hate microsoft products, but I am not ready to jump to MAC where I am locked into less options. We need a google operating system or opensource system so we can escape Microsoft grasp! Mac could really own if they made OS 10 compatible with PC's and direct X and free.

Laurel-Anne said...

Macs are hard to upgrade?

Tyler said...

haha oh Madland, just argue the Mac cause a bit more hey

Vertigo said...

Smitty, the best argument for Mac is Windows.