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Something had to give...and it did.

As I mentioned before, we have been living in Japan since July 2005. One of the things that has been confirmed for us over and over again is that our lifestyle back home was unsustainable.

We read a book called `Making Room for Life` which outlines a plan for taking back control of your life. We were living in far too many `circles`.

The author uses the idea of circles to illustrate how fragmented our lives are. In our case, we had a neighbourhood circle, a school circle, church, family, recreation and work. We had too many things going on in too many different places.

Think of a spider. Spiders generally spin themselves a web and wait for someone to drop in for dinner. A spider with too many webs will be working far too hard to get any extra benefit from the increased number of webs. He will miss opportunities, his webs will fall into disrepair, he will be expending too much energy and his health will fail.

We were living with too many webs, so we started to decline other people`s requests for our time and energy and life improved. Soon, however, things started to pile up again, because now we had time. The cycle was killing us.

During our time here in Japan we have realized that the Great Enabler of all these webs is something that we all feel that we have a need to own. Without this enabler, we would not be able to make it to meetings, we would live much more locally, we would have to eat healthy food, we would save about $500 per month.

Most families own one of these enablers. Many families own two or three.

Ours was a 2004 Saturn Ion.

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