Cheese Fondue

Kelly is off galavanting in Hida this weekend so I am on double duty for a day or so. It is well-known around our house that sans-Kelly, things tend to fall apart. That is testament to how cool my wife is.

I did pretty good this weekend, though. The breakfast dishes are done, laundry brought in from outside, folded, put away, replaced with wet stuff from the washer which was replaced with dirty stuff. The kids are finishing their homework, the vaccuuming is done and bathroom mostly cleaned. AND the kids still like me, although there was some sans-Mommy angst this morning before everybody was fed and watered.

The weather is gorgeous! As of about an hour ago the current temp was 18 C, sunny and a slight breeze.

With that kinda weather, the kids were outside for a good chunk of yesterday.

I think Selah's friend Konomi thought that Selah might have to go hungry with Kelly gone because she arranged to have the three of us invited over to her house for supper last night. I am not sure who initiated the invite, but it seemed genuine, so I gladly accepted.

We had a cheese fondue like no other I have experienced. We had the typical bread to dunk in the gooey, artery-clogging goodness. That was nothing revolutionary. Some things were a little out of the ordinary...like wieners, and shrimp, and octopus tentacles (suckers included). It was followed up with an ice-cream cake in honour of Hina Matsuri (Girls Festival). Oh, and there was also some home-made plum wine on hand...oishikata! The wine reminded me of ice-wine from the Okanagan. It was very sweet and fortunately tempered by some club soda.

I am very interested in the typical Japanese diet and its relation to the size of Japanese people. The meal that we had last night was horribly full of saturated fat. Back home, people would have had to roll themselves away from the table. Here, very few people overeat.

The dinner plates have something to do with it. They are about the size of a typical tea saucer that most North Americans are used to.

The picture below is one of the high-quality, expensive cuts of beef that you can get here. This is Hida Beef, the good stuff. Click on the picture and you will be able to see that this cut is 319 grams and it will set you back 3126 yen, 980 yen per 100 grams. That translates into about $31 CAD.

Many North Americans would think nothing of eating this steak alone in one sitting. Here, it would likely feed a typical family of 6 or 7 people, including Grandma and Grandpa.

Maybe North Americans need to re-think how much they eat...

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