Balancing life...on two wheels.

On Sunday, April 1, I will drive Kelly's folks to the Nagoya Airport for their flight home. During that trip, I will pay about $55 in tolls over about 200 km.

When I get home, we will park the car. We are quitting. Cold turkey.

Maybe April Fools Day is appropriate for such a venture. I am sure there are many who will call us fools; or at least think us fools.

Maybe we aren't so bright in doing this as we head into the rainy season. It really rains here in June. I know that there are plenty of places that get more rain, but coming from Calgary, the rain here is plenty abundant. The main difference is that it will often be pouring rain and 30 degrees outside. That makes for miserable riding.

This is a project that will continue when we get back home this summer. Once there, we will be dealing with the heat and then the cold; oh, and readjusting to life in the western hemisphere.

I hope you will follow our journey, both here, and practically as we try to balance our lives on two wheels.


sans auto said...

Good work!! We've minimized driving and have plans for selling the other car, but that's a HUGE step. I'm jealous in many ways. Year to date I have more miles on my bike than we do on the family van.

As for the rain... fenders and GOOD raingear are essential. Then you just have to keep your feet dry. Or carry an extra pair of shoes.

Laurel-Anne said...

So, this is the announcement Kelly hinted at on her blog?

What has become of "Finding Mini-Me"?

Vertigo said...

Hai! So desu ne.

Mini-Me will shortly be assimilated.