Well, ya!

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MamaZ said...

Hi there,
I am Paul's mom, and I sometimes stop by your blog, and always find it interesting and intriguing. After reading your last few posts, I just had to respond.
I grew up in an era, as your parents likely did, when times were much simpler. Fewer people felt the "tyranny of the urgent". We were used to waiting for things, and making do with what we had. I still find it difficult to watch our childrens' generation look at most material things as a necessity, when most things really are not necessary. I think one of the reasons it is more difficult for them to keep things simple, is that the majority of people their age have very similar outlook. When we, and our families/friends, rub shoulders with others in our community who have similar ideals, it is much easier to keep our perspective. However, when we live in the middle of so much affluence and attitudes of "entitlement", it is much harder to keep our focus, because we are constantly reminded that we do not have the same priorities. Well, I could go on and on, and perhaps someday we can have a "live" discussion, although I think it is my own parents that would love to talk with you. They are 84 and 90 and grew up in small Mennonite villages on the prairies, and they are still minimalists in a modern culture.
When I think about you returning to Canada, my perspective of one of your possible challenges is the attitude/expectations of your children's friends. Sounds like you have learned the art of saying "no" to things, so hopefully that will be less of a challenge (saying "no" gets a lot easier as you get older - probably because we have learned that our priorities can get skewed so easily, and we cannot rescue everyone or every situation).
If you ever want a cheap (free) place to stay on Vancouver Island for a vacation, I have room at my place. It's 10-15 min. walk to the beach.
Praying that you and your family's plans for returning to Canada will go smoothly.