The commute continues to be a good thing. For the last little while I have been riding to work in my work clothes instead of cycling gear. This is primarily from my trips into Nagoya on Sundays where there are no changing facilities at the office. I have purchased some rain gear that should keep me dry to the train station where I can take it off and pack it away for the rest of the trip.

Riding to school is a little different in that there are changing facilities, although no showers.

I am teaching at 3 different schools this year. I have two main schools that I visit on alternate weeks. One is Kono Elementary School. According to Google Earth, it is about 5 km from my house. It is a nice short ride with plenty of room on the road. It was no problem to ride to school last week in my work clothes.

My ride this morning, to Enami Jr High was a different story. It is a 10 km trip which was enough this morning to get me just a little too sweaty. Not fun to work in sweaty clothes. Tomorrow I will try wearing shorts and a t-shirt under my Gore-tex jacket (unless it is raining, then it will be full rain gear), and get changed there.

My other school, Toan JHS is about a 5 min walk from here...I won't ride.

This is one of the primary obstacles for a lot of people when they consider riding their bike to work. They don't want to work in sweaty clothes, there is nowhere to change out of sweaty clothes and there are no showers. I will keep you posted on what I learn.

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