Good News!

According to the Globe and Mail, the US Supreme Court has upheld the ban on partial birth abortions.

This is a good thing.

Initially, I was not going to comment on this blog, but I think that there is a compelling reason to bring it up.

When people are confronted with what partial birth abortion really is, they are horrified. It is simply a barbaric procedure.

As an aside, the term 'partial birth abortion' is a misnomer. It is infanticide with the child's head covered.

So how is this relevant on a blog that has become more dedicated to a cycling lifestyle than public morality? Here is my rationale...

Many of those who are concerned with environmental crises like global warming, animal cruelty (PETA) and species extinction are curiously also abortion supporters. If you don't fit this generalization, that is great, I am talking to those that do.

My point is that a person cannot support animal rights or environmental protectionism without also being against abortion. Any argument used to support animal rights must also be applied to the rights of pre-born human persons.

If you fall into the category of being a person who supports animal rights, environmental causes AND abortion, please follow your thinking to its logical conclusion.

There are no laws in Canada restricting abortion. That means that abortion is legal in Canada for any reason up until the moment the baby is entirely out of the birth canal.

When a country like Canada has more laws protecting animals than it does protecting babies, then something has gone tragically wrong and it must be fixed.

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