Ride Report

Last week's commute to Enami Chugakko was very enjoyable. I found a bike path that follows one of the many canals around here. Highly preferable to dodging traffic along rte 50.

The decision to commute in cycling gear rather than work clothes was a good one. It makes a huge difference to even be able to towel off and start the day dry. When you decide to start commuting to work on your bike, get some clothes to make the trip in. You definitely do not need to go all out and get the latest euro-kit for WAY too much money, but some comfy clothes will do you good.

As far as exposed lycra is concerned, I feel that such things are better left private. There are a whole ton of shorts available that have lycra sewn into them with a chamois and everything.

Sunday was warm and rainy. I suppose that is better than cold and rainy like an Abbotsford winter, but it still presents challenges in arriving at your destination dry.

I bought some rain gear that came with the claim that it is water-proof and breathable...for $30. We will see. I have a hunch that the breathability factor will be rather low and I will end up in my own little sauna/steam room.

One moment of sublimity occured on Thursday as I was riding to work in the morning. There was very little wind (that day) and so I was making good time. I noticed a cormorant sitting on the edge of the water watching me. Apparently I got a little too close and he took off. He flew just above the surface of the water, his wingtips would often hit the water, for about 500 metres, watching me all the time. I was going about 20 km/h and he was just a little faster, but I kept up with him until he skidded to a stop.

In the words of Tobymac...

You make me feel so fly!

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Linea said...

Yes, the right clothes definitely make a difference. I am still struggling to get on my bike everyday, but I think it will be at least a twice a week thing. It's still COLD here!
My students love it when I ride up in my biking shorts and helmet - but I just want to get out of them as soon as possible!