Living without the convenience of a car means that sometimes our eating plans get a little out of whack.

Today, after she got home from work, Kelly took Selah to the grocery store for our twice-weekly shopping run.

Mixon had six classes today so he stayed later than Selah. Once Mixon and I got home, I took him to the school supply store to buy him some much needed new shorts for school. The ones he has been wearing are just too small. He got 'LL', The biggest, baggiest shorts they had. I did not try to convince him otherwise.

When he and I got home, the ladies were still out, but they arrived shortly with their treasures, including supper from the deli. Some of the stuff available from the deli is quite tasty, although nutritionally suspect if not bankrupt. Some of it is rather nasty looking, but possibly quite healthy. I have heard that seaweed is good for preventing baldness...

Some of it is unidentifiable.

Kelly thought that she had identified one particular offering as being ginger beef. A selection that I would wholeheartedly support. I had previously seen this particular gastronomic delight and caught a glimmer of recognition from somewhere in my past anatomy courses.

A brief rabbit trail...

I have previously written about the delicacies available at festivals around here...if you missed it, here is a refresher...

We discovered a new treat at the recent Sakura Festival here in Sunomata. The tent where all the local Grandma's were cooking up a storm had a peculiar smell to it. I chalked it up to the combination of greasy food, rain, too many people and humidity. Then Kelly and I pegged it, it smelled just like a barn. We had found the tent where they sold liver...and Selah liked it!

Back to the story of our supper...

Once the 'ginger beef' made its way into the pan to be heated, Kelly mentioned in a hushed, yet barely concealed panic, I hope this isn't liver! It was then that I mentioned my suspicion that we were dealing with kidneys.

They ended up on the table and the kids helped themselves to rather large helpings. Mixon got one down the hatch, didn't complain but asked what that stuff was. Kelly said that she didn't know. He said that it was really chewy but didn't taste too bad. Selah offered to eat the ones on Kelly's plate. She seemed to like them. She popped one into her mouth and began to chew. It wasn't long before she said that this one was a lot chewier than the others. I told her she didn't have to finish it. She made a beeline for the loo.

I tried to cut one with the edge of my fork...nothing doing. I took a wee bite. It didn't taste all that bad, but it was kinda like chewing on a rubber ball.

I have a sneaking suspicion that some of the little goodies were hearts and livers as well as kidneys.

I'll pass on the organ meats next time.


Mom C said...

dare I ask - heart, liver & kidneys of what?? Not that it makes a difference, just curious:-)
You probably will never know! Oh my, it just may be my turn to head for the loo:-)

Dad M said...

I remember standing in front of one of the 10 000 food coolers at the store there and realizing I did not recognize anything that was being offered for sale ... and it was all wrapped in 2 layers of plastic so I could neither smell it or sneak a little piece. Mind you there were some things that I was sure I did not even want to smell or snitch! It sounds like some of those cormorant gizzards you had for dinner the other night may have fit into another category -- look like they belong in the "smell and snitch" group but were definitely in the other.