I noticed two interesting news items in the last few weeks. Unfortunately I didn't keep track of where I read them or how you can do the same, although I think many of you heard.

First was that Canadians bought more new cars last year than ever before, that they spent more money for a new car than ever before, and that the cars that they bought were more likely to be gas guzzling trucks, SUVs, mini-vans and the like than ever before. Good news eh? The Canadian economy is cruising right along.

The second was the shrieking outcry when gas prices took a little jump not too long ago. Average price of gas in Canada was about $1.10 a litre. I haven't paid that little for almost two years.

If gas prices are going to be a problem, and there is little reason for them to go down significantly, then it would make sense to buy small, fuel efficient cars, not large, inefficient cars. And if you buy a large, inefficient car or truck, expect to pay lots of money on gas.

And if fuel efficiency is what you are after, don't buy a car. Anything that weighs more than that which it is transporting cannot possibly be considered fuel efficient.

On a slightly different note. My vehicle needs new brake pads. I bought them yesterday. They cost me $8 for all four pads. I will install them next weekend.

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Mom M said...

I had a brief moment of panic, "What, Colin is going to do mechanical work on his car?!" As I said, it was a brief moment of panic.