Reasons to Ride...

Monday morning...the dreaded return to work after the weekend. I was quite looking forward to it, primarily because of the ride.

I was almost at work when I caught up to a friend of mine on her way to her school. She normally rides with her hubby, but he was at home because he had to work on the Saturday previous. We said our hellos and `have a good day` and were on our way.

I was released from work a little early for some still unknown reason and caught up to her again. This time we had a little more time and so stopped to chat for a while. They are returning to the States a few days after we head home this summer and are in the midst of the same questions and frustrations that we are experiencing. It was good to be able to stop and chat as we hadn`t been able to get together as families for a while.

It wasn`t until after I got home that it dawned on me that it would have been close to impossible to have been able to chat with a friend had even one of us been driving a car. Our interaction would have been reduced to a very quick wave...if we had even noticed each other.

Cycling is good for communities.

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