Rain, beer and physics

So, the rain has finally come. It came in buckets on Friday.

We had arranged with a couple other ALTs to have a viewing of the classic Canadian movie `Strange Brew` on Friday evening. It was deemed appropriate for me to go to the International food store and pick up some Canadian beer that they usually carry.

Unfortuantely, they were out of any Canadian brews so I selected three different beers from a Hawaiian micro-brewery that looked interesting and an apple beer called `Newton`...and two Root Brewskies for drivers.

On my way home in the pouring rain I decided to take a little shortcut through a gas station. As I committed to the turn, I briefly remembered that gas stations around here all have a little ditch around the circumference of the parking lot to keep any spilled fuel off the road. It is usually a few cm wide and several deep. Sometimes it is covered by a grate to keep people from tripping or cyclists from crashing.

On physics...

When the centre of gravity of a moving body moves beyond its base of support, it will generally fall over. Granted there are other factors that come into play, but if the BoS stops moving and the CoG continues moving, bad things happen. I know...

The beer survived.


Movin' Right Along

Five weeks from now we will be at 35000ish feet over the Pacific. Interestingly enough, we will be flying east to get to the west.

Things have been happening as we march towards the big move.

We have put a deposit on our plane tickets that will take us from Nagoya-San Fran-Toronto. We have purchased our plane tickets from Toronto-Calgary.

This morning I accepted a job as Elementary PE coordinator at St. Ann's Academy in Kamloops. I was interviewed for the High School position, but...that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. I am grateful to have full-time work in a school teaching PE in a city where school enrollments have been declining steadily.

This afternoon, we were paid $1100 for our car and it was driven away for the last time. The title has not yet been transferred so there will be a few days where we will still be the owners of a vehicle, but that will be short.

The weather talk around here is centered on how very dry this 'rainy' season has been. There is concern that there will be water shortages to deal with if the expected hot summer is as bad as they think it might be. It also bodes poorly for the rice crops which rely on lots of water. It has made for fabulous cycling weather.

There is still a mountain of things that we need to get through in the next 5 weeks, it seems overwhelming, but it will get done because it must get done.


The following conversation actually took place...

...while wrestling with Selah.

Selah: Its time to take out the trash! Daddy could you please get on the floor?


Still here...

I am currently expending a whack of energy contributing to discussions about subjective morality on the Great Canadian Wishlist on Facebook.

Tis a hoot.

Yesterday was a little nuts for me and my supervising teacher at Enami JHS. She was scheduled to to a `demo Lesson`. This is where one teacher teaches a class while the entire staff (teachers, admin, nurse, not the tea-lady though) watches and takes notes. The head hancho from the Board of Education was there too. I counted 26 other teachers in the class, all of them taking copious notes.

Following the lesson, they had a meeting. Ms. Oida, my teacher, was at the head table, alone. Everyone else formed a semi-circle around her and dissected her lesson. That meeting lasted 1.5 hours. Then she had a 30 minute meeting with the guy from the BOE.

No wonder teachers here are stressed! She had been preparing for this lesson since April.


How to get the afternoon off

Yesterday, I made a passing comment to my supervising teacher at Enami JHS that I had tried to go to the bank the previous day but it had been closed.

Her response was to say that if we just asked the vice principal, it would be alright if I went after lunch. Ok, cool.

After lunch, I was sitting at my desk waiting for students to be back in class before I headed out. Ms. Oida was surprised to see me still there and told me that it was ok to go now. So, I packed up the few things I needed for the bank and started out. I told her that I would return in about an hour. She looked at me like I was some kind of wierdo and asked why I would come back. I told her that I would come back to finish the rest of the work day. She still looked confused. So I repeated it. That is when she said that the VP had given me the rest of the day off! Sugoi!

So, I went to the bank, then home and remembered that my keys are in Nagoya. hmmm...better go for a ride.

I found this on the road outside our apartment. The aftermath of cicada vs. car. This one was a good 3 cm long. They hurt when you run into them at 20km/h on your bike.

One of the hazards of cycling here are these gates every kilometer or less. I almost clipped one on this ride. I even got to the point that I closed my eyes in anticipation of the impact...somehow I got through.

My bike there is coming home with me where it will be stripped down to a single-speed. I would love to go straight to a fixie set up or even a flip-flop hub so I can have both SS and FG options, but I think that with vertical dropouts, my options are limited to SS.

Maybe I will have to get a surly.


Survival of the Fittest


The following conversation actually took place...

While on a bike ride...

Selah: Daddy, are you hungry?

Me: Yup, a little.

Selah: Then eat my dust! (As she lays the hammer down)


Alternative Transportation

Kananaskis Lodge. May, 2003.