Check out this article that briefly touches on the possibility that building more roads is not the best idea for Greater Vancouver.


Dad M. said...

The people on Commercial Drive tend to be very parochial and do not venture out of their community. They do not need a car. They have lots of busses and skytrain running right through their neighbourhood. They do not have to cross a body of water to get to work or school. Without any population growth in the Fraser Valley, motorists will still have to wait in 5 - 8km long line ups for the privilege to cross the Fraser River. More roads are necessary just to meet present needs let alone to meet growth needs. Sure, better public transit would help but that would entail more roads over the river. For a population of 2 million people, it hardly seems reasonable to only have 4 river crossings that allow them to move from home to the rest of the province -- unless of course they want to get there via Whistler.

Vertigo said...

So are you suggesting that simplistic answers are not always the best ones and that maybe context is important and we should actually think about the problem?

Silly Dad.