How to get the afternoon off

Yesterday, I made a passing comment to my supervising teacher at Enami JHS that I had tried to go to the bank the previous day but it had been closed.

Her response was to say that if we just asked the vice principal, it would be alright if I went after lunch. Ok, cool.

After lunch, I was sitting at my desk waiting for students to be back in class before I headed out. Ms. Oida was surprised to see me still there and told me that it was ok to go now. So, I packed up the few things I needed for the bank and started out. I told her that I would return in about an hour. She looked at me like I was some kind of wierdo and asked why I would come back. I told her that I would come back to finish the rest of the work day. She still looked confused. So I repeated it. That is when she said that the VP had given me the rest of the day off! Sugoi!

So, I went to the bank, then home and remembered that my keys are in Nagoya. hmmm...better go for a ride.

I found this on the road outside our apartment. The aftermath of cicada vs. car. This one was a good 3 cm long. They hurt when you run into them at 20km/h on your bike.

One of the hazards of cycling here are these gates every kilometer or less. I almost clipped one on this ride. I even got to the point that I closed my eyes in anticipation of the impact...somehow I got through.

My bike there is coming home with me where it will be stripped down to a single-speed. I would love to go straight to a fixie set up or even a flip-flop hub so I can have both SS and FG options, but I think that with vertical dropouts, my options are limited to SS.

Maybe I will have to get a surly.

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