Rain, beer and physics

So, the rain has finally come. It came in buckets on Friday.

We had arranged with a couple other ALTs to have a viewing of the classic Canadian movie `Strange Brew` on Friday evening. It was deemed appropriate for me to go to the International food store and pick up some Canadian beer that they usually carry.

Unfortuantely, they were out of any Canadian brews so I selected three different beers from a Hawaiian micro-brewery that looked interesting and an apple beer called `Newton`...and two Root Brewskies for drivers.

On my way home in the pouring rain I decided to take a little shortcut through a gas station. As I committed to the turn, I briefly remembered that gas stations around here all have a little ditch around the circumference of the parking lot to keep any spilled fuel off the road. It is usually a few cm wide and several deep. Sometimes it is covered by a grate to keep people from tripping or cyclists from crashing.

On physics...

When the centre of gravity of a moving body moves beyond its base of support, it will generally fall over. Granted there are other factors that come into play, but if the BoS stops moving and the CoG continues moving, bad things happen. I know...

The beer survived.

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sans auto said...

I hate those instant physics lessons. I"m glad to hear the beer survived... how about the rider?

It's also nice to hear that they do something to collect spilled gas rather than just letting it run into the storm sewer.