Still here...

I am currently expending a whack of energy contributing to discussions about subjective morality on the Great Canadian Wishlist on Facebook.

Tis a hoot.

Yesterday was a little nuts for me and my supervising teacher at Enami JHS. She was scheduled to to a `demo Lesson`. This is where one teacher teaches a class while the entire staff (teachers, admin, nurse, not the tea-lady though) watches and takes notes. The head hancho from the Board of Education was there too. I counted 26 other teachers in the class, all of them taking copious notes.

Following the lesson, they had a meeting. Ms. Oida, my teacher, was at the head table, alone. Everyone else formed a semi-circle around her and dissected her lesson. That meeting lasted 1.5 hours. Then she had a 30 minute meeting with the guy from the BOE.

No wonder teachers here are stressed! She had been preparing for this lesson since April.

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