Catching Up

While I haven't been blogging a whole lot in the last little while, there is no shortage of things happening in our life.

A couple weeks ago, we were once again involved in a Tug o War competition in Ogaki. Last year it was just the kids. This year there were seemingly three divisions. The kids, the amateurs and the experts.

This is a picture of one to the expert teams. Please notice their body position...very low to the ground and most importantly, their hips are mostly in line with the rest of their body.

Intimidation is a big part of the game. This is me staring down a 7-year-old girl with a camera.

This is me in my 'Proper Body Position for Tug o War' lab. Turns out that proper body position really is important. At least my back is straight, but if you look at the team in the background, you will notice a slight difference.

This particular match was Loooong. Probably at least a minute long, I do not recall being that physically drained in a very long time. Kelly almost blacked out. This is a great sport. We lost this match; our team just ran out of gas. Our next match was a cake-walk...for the other team. They had the magic shoes that the experts were wearing. The last match was finally a victory for us, but we had already been knocked out of contention for the playoffs.

All in all, we had a fantastic day and came home tired.

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Mom C. said...

Impressive...very impressive indeed!!