Cow Town

We have arrived in Calgary after a very uneventful flight from Toronto. WestJet has apparently been updating their aircraft as the one we were on for this trip had very nice leather seats, even back in the cheap seats where we were. We had free satellite TV, PPV movies etc. Like United, we had to buy our food onboard which was not cheap. Fortunately we knew that coming in so we bought some veggie wraps just before we boarded the plane.

Toronto was good. The first things I noticed upon arriving was that vehicles here are really big, second thing was that everyone seems to be in a hurry. I had the dubious opportunity to drive highway 401. Never want to do that again. I think one thing that I will miss about our time in Japan is just that...time. We were forced to slow down. Not only are the roads really narrow, but people are extremely patient drivers. Driving 5 or 6 km into Ogaki could sometimes take 30 minutes, but it never seemed to be a problem.

So far, our time here has been very much a vacation. We have been tourists in our own backyard. We went to Niagara Falls for a day, a first for me and the kids. It was very nice even if a little crowded and commercialized. I did find it interesting that the Niagara Park area has been entirely supported by proceeds from the aforementioned commercialization for the better part of a really long time.

We also spent a day visiting Kelly's relatives on Georgian Bay. Twas a beautiful day, smokin hot but there was a very nice breeze blowing off the lake which cooled things down nicely. We went out to the family farm for homemade apple pie...and lemon pie...hisashiburi! It has been a long time since I have had pie that good.

Other firsts for me and the kids were spending a day on Toronto Island (kinda like Stanley Park) and checking out the CN Tower.

Our brains are thoroughly confused regarding the time of day. We fall asleep at really odd times and are awake as soon as it gets light out. Hopefully that will actually benefit us once we get to Kamloops...I have my doubts.

Speaking of Kamloops...some of you know that I accepted a job teaching elementary school PE at St. Ann's Academy...not sure if that made it into the blog or not. I had originally interviewed for a high school PE job and was quite clear that it would not be a great idea to put me in charge of an elementary classroom. I was a little confused and admittedly disappointed when I was offered the elementary position, but I accepted because it seemed foolish to turn down a full time job in my field with declining enrolments country-wide.

Surprisingly, when I got to Toronto, I had received an email from St Ann's offering me the high school position, with a sports-specific PE course thrown in to sweeten the pot. I accepted quickly. It will be interesting to learn the ins and outs of that process...

I have lots of pics but they will have to wait as they are on my computer, which is currently offline.

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