We have been here for a week and a half. We have gotten ourselves re-connected to the digital world and are ready to roll.

Once we get ourselves a little more situated in our little house, we will get some pics up and posted. It is an older house that has recently been renovated, although we are starting to realize that the renovations didn't go terribly 'deep'. It kinda looks like things were just painted over. It certainly looks nice, the colours are great, but it is still very much an old house...and we are paying a ridiculous amount of money every month to live here. It is also pretty close to some less than savoury elements that tend to congregate near the downtown cores of many cities. There is evidence that there are more professional offices and the like moving in, but there is still a significant population of people that we don't want our kids hanging around with.

Given the above info, we will start looking for a new place that we can actually buy in the very near future. Hopefully we will not be here long.

Kamloops itself seems to be a pretty decent little city. We have been to Riverside Park a few times for swimming, water parking and listen to musicking. Every evening during the summer, the city hosts Music in the Park with local and some not-so-local bands for free concerts. It is a great atmosphere.

The weather has been great. We have had a few pretty warm days but the temperature drops off very nicely in the evening. We have heard from a few people back in Japan (I keep wanting to say 'back home') that it has been ridiculously hot, in the 40C range...and presumably humid to boot. Glad we missed that.

Lots more to talk about...school, cycling, adjusting, living without any kitchen chairs...


Linea said...

living without any kitchen chairs? sounds a bit Japanese to me ;)

Kelly said...

Except the table is at "western" height... lol