Church was cool...

Yesterday was a good day.

I really appreciate our 'The Pastor'. He is a guy who didn't grow up in the church and definitely hasn't had what you might call an easy life. He is very refreshingly honest.

Yesterday, the service was dedicated to talking about our (as in the Church in NA) responsibilities to the poor and disadvantaged in distant lands. The more particular focus was on the AIDS crisis in Africa.

'The Pastor' did something that doesn't often happen...he showed a video instead of speaking. The video that he showed was of Bill Hybels interviewing Bono. You can find it on YouTube in 7 or 8 parts. Just search for 'Bono' and 'Hybels'. It even works to search for 'Hybles' like I did.

I realized a few things yesterday as a few of us were talking about the video. We were talking about the extent of our responsibilities and what we can actually do. A 'Think Global, Act Local' vibe was happening. I realized that most North Americans are thoroughly insulated from the majority of the people around them.

I also realized that on my ride to church, I said 'Good Morning' to pretty much everybody that I passed who was similarly cageless. I also made eye contact with them. I also smiled at them. They generally returned the salutations.

The best part of the service was when 'The Pastor' said something to the effect of 'I need to get off my aaa...uhhh...keister, and do something.'

Here is something you can do...

1. Check out the video on YouTube.

2. Check out www.makepovertyhistory.ca (Canada) or www.one.org (USA) or www.data.org and pass the word along.

3. Go for a bike ride.

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