Cultural Vertigo

The title of this blog started out referring to the fact that I was experiencing disorientation with life in Japan. Japan is a very different country from Canada and there were many things that were frustrating about living there.

Now that I am home, although I sometimes call Japan 'Back Home', I realize that there are many things about Canadian culture that has most people experiencing a sense of vertigo. Some examples...

At the beginning of the summer, Facebook and the CBC collaborated on a project called the 'Great Canadian Wishlist'. It is still posted on FB if you are interested in checking it out. The idea was that people could 'wish' for certain things and then others could offer their support or not. One of the cool things that came out of that was that the number one wish was that abortion would be abolished in Canada. It had over 10,000 supporters by the end. The pro-aborts were mighty pissed off by that...and they cried foul blah blah blah...

Needless to say the discussions were often intense and about very weighty topics like abortion, gay 'marriage', God etc.

What was distressing was the utter lack of many people to put forth any sort of reasonable argument.

I was discussing the Big Bang with several people. One implication of the Big Bang is that the universe (time/space) had to have a beginning. One person agreed that an infinite regress of cause and effect is impossible but would not admit that the universe had a beginning. His response was "Whatever happened when the universe 'began', it wasn't a 'beginning'." I was dumbfounded...still am.

Another statement that seems to be popping up with alarming regularity is that people don't believe in God for the same reasons that they don't believe in leprechauns. This is just plain silly.

To borrow from Greg Koukl...

"Believing in leprechauns is a leap of faith. Believing in God is like believing in atoms.

You simply follow evidence of what you can see to conclude the existence of something you cannot see. The process is exactly the same. The effect needs a cause adequate to explain it. There is nothing unreasonable about the idea of a personal God creating the material universe. A Big Bang needs a 'Big Banger'. A complex set of instructions (DNA) needs an author. A blueprint needs an engineer. A moral law needs a moral law giver. This is not a leap. This is a step of intelligent reflection."

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