Car-Free Shopping

Grocery shopping without a car is sometimes a challenge. Up until now we have been doing our shopping at Coopers which is nice because it is a local business (although purchased by one of the big guys). But it is bad because it is significantly more expensive than shopping at Superstore. The problem is that Superstore is at the top of the hill and we are at the bottom.

Recently, I was informed by 'The Owner' at my LBS that there is a 'back way' up the hill that avoids Columbia street. Great.

This past Saturday, I hooked up the Chariot and headed up the hill. Parking the rig was a bit of a trick as there is a concrete curb behind the bike rack that is about 5 cm too close to the rack for me to park the whole rig. I managed to get it in, but not easily.

After that it took me way too long to find everything on my list because I am not familiar with the layout of Superstore.

I did manage to find most things but was then confronted with the fact that the amount of groceries that I purchased might not fit into the chariot in a manner that is conducive to descending from Sa-Hali to downtown in a safe manner.

I am pretty sure that I over-shot the 45.4 kg maximum weight of the chariot and thought for sure that I would flip it on the way down the hill, but I got the whole works down the hill safely.

Original plans had us hacking one of our bikes into an SUB with the Free Radical and Free Loader accessories available from xtracycle, but it looks like that may be a little out of our price range right now. Up for current consideration is either a BOB or a Burley Flatbed trailer.

Here is the load of groceries, including 4 kg of oranges, 4 kg of chicken breasts and a whole lotta other stuff.


rachel z said...

And how much did those oranges cost you? :)

sans auto said...

I don't know how handy you are, but I've been considering building a trailer. Put together some metal conduit and see what it will hold... they have plans online for free. http://www.carryfreedom.com/bamboo.html

bikingbrady said...

I have the Burley Flatbed and love it and highly suggest it. Here are some of my posts with it: http://bikingbrady.blogspot.com/search/label/Grocery%20Getter

Vertigo said...


Not sure if you have been exposed to 'The Red Green Show'...its is somewhat of a cult classic up here north of 49. One of the more cutting lines is 'If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.'

I'm afraid I'm neither...

There is the possibility of hacking our current Chariot, although I am not convinced that is a good idea.

Vertigo said...


Thanks for the link...great examples of cartage possibilities.