Breathing room

Basketball season has pretty much wrapped up.

I will find out tomorrow how our senior teams did at the Okanagan championships and whether their season will continue for a couple more weeks. I know the girls won their first game, opening up the possibility of a top three finish and a trip to the provincial tournament in Osoyoos in a couple weeks. The boys lost their first game and would have to win their next two for any chance at a spot.

The junior teams are both done, the girls didn't make the playoffs, but played well for being a small team of grade 9s against much larger grade 10s. The boys played well enough to finish second in the city championships but lost a challenge match to South Kamloops Secondary, a much larger school.

The grade 8 teams have their playoffs this week.

Most importantly, I am not hosting any more tournaments! That is a good thing.

I have spent much of my blog time mixing it up with an 'agnostic atheist' who has started blogging at theframeproblem[dot]wordpress.com.

There is a concerted effort under way to show Christianity to be irrational at best and delusional, dangerous and a mental illness at worst.

I disagree.

It seems that the author of this particular blog (which has disappeared tonight) takes his cues and follows pretty much lock-step with guys like Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the like.

Needless to say, my opinions and comments on the blog were in a significant minority...but it was fun.

Hopefully I will have a little more chance to share about it here.

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