Back in the groove

As a family, we are not really set up for a lot of winter riding. We didn't get a whole lotta snow this winter, but enough so that it would have been silly to try and take the kids out on the bikes. However, spring is springing. We have had some really nice weather the last couple of weeks and it has been good to get out a little.

Yesterday, Mixon asked if he could accompany me on my shopping trip to Superstore. I figured that would be a great idea, even though I figured it would mean several stops on the way up the hill. Thing is, he had it in his mind that he was going to make it all the way up without stopping. I think that it was related to the fact that the kids have been training at school for the local fun run in April. They call it Boogie the Bridge and our kids have signed up to run the 5k course...which means they need to be accompanied. ...

On the way up the hill, Mixon told me that he was setting small goals to break up the climb. It was slow, but he made it all the way up Columbia Street...I was impressed.

In other news...here is a good blog that I just discovered called Weighty Matters...written by a Canadian obesity doctor.

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