Children and TV

Here is a photo series of children watching TV.

I would be interested to know what kind of programming they were watching and how their facial expressions (or lack thereof) would change from genre to genre.

One thing I noticed when our kids were younger was that when Kelly and I were watching TV, the kids would be largely disinterested...until the ads came on. At that point, they would drop whatever they were doing and come running.

I read recently that Prez Sarkozy over in France has suggested banning advertising from public TV in an effort to encourage more thoughtful and valuable programming. He proposed
taxing cell phone and internet contracts to make up the difference in revenue.

While I think his motives are laudable, maybe he should instead look to ways to make do without the ad revenue and maybe even reduce the size of his government.

We have a TV but it is used for our XBox and watching DVDs. It is much easier to control that way.

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sans auto said...

We haven't had a TV in almost 5 years. You couldn't pay me to have one. We do have a DVD player with a GIANT 8" screen (that's about 20 cm) that we use for movies, but I seriously can't stand the commercials on TV or radio.