Taking Christ out of Christianity...

...is kinda like taking the 'a' out of atheism. You are not left with a slightly different version of what you had before, you are left with the opposite.

"Reverend" Gretta Vosper the supposed spiritual leader of West Hill United "Church" in TO has this to say...

"There is no authoritative Big-Godism. No petitionary prayers (“Dear God, step into the world and do good things about global warming and the poor”). No miracles-performing magic Jesus given birth by a virgin and coming back to life. No references to salvation, Christianity's teaching of the final victory over death through belief in Jesus's death as an atonement for sin and the omnipotent love of God. For that matter, no omnipotent God, or god." (Maybe that isn't a direct quote...but you get the point.)

This is not a kinder, gentler version of Christianity, it is atheism dressed up in spiritual clothes.

It seems to be popular now-a-days to dismiss the Bible as being myths and legends that were written down decades after an imaginary person named Jesus supposedly lived. This is simply not the case.

The Bible enjoys far greater textual support, in the form of thousands of very early copies of manuscripts, than any written text in history. This includes Shakespeare, Plato, Socrates, Artistotle and many others. If you decide that the evidence for the reliability of the Bible is so weak that you throw it out, then you have to throw out the reliability of every text prior to the 18th century.

Calling this 'progressive christianity' is retarded. This is not Christianity at all and it goes to show that the United 'Church' has, in many respects become a cult.

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