Our Youth...the future of our country

Several of them were at the school playing floor hockey tonight when I returned from driving a team up to Clearwater. One in particular, a boy in grade 11 was out in the hall and had just removed one of his shoes. He had obviously been playing hard for a good long time. I saw him bend over and take a sock off, stand up with the sock in his hand and proceed to wipe his forehead with the sock. Then he bent over again to take a look at the blister that had apparently formed on his foot during the game and had obviously popped.

Youth is wasted on the young.

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KM said...

Hmmm, grade 11, eh?
Sweat is sweat regardless from which end of the body it emerged. Also, being a 17 year old he had probably had 2 or 3 showers already by that time of the day.