Lots of bikey goodness in town this week.

I was biking up to the final athletic directors' meeting up in Sahali on Tuesday when I encountered a water and oranges refill station for BTWW. She was stationed half way up the Columbia Street hill...perfect. Thanks Investor's Group lady! I had my fill, chatted with the nice lady giving out water and oranges and went on my way.

There was a significant number of cyclers out and about town this week, which was good to see.

One downer was the newly resurfaced bike path adjacent to the Overlander Bridge. It was closed for a month and just re-opened a week ago. My first ride over the new surface was a major disappointment. The surface looks great, has great traction, is well marked and is modelled after this...

Brutal abuse of our tax bucks. The surface is in worse shape than it was before they 'fixed' it.

If you are a cyclist in Kamloops, please send a note to City Hall that the contractor who did the work needs to go back and do it again.

On the brighter side of life...the BTWW folks hosted a free BBQ in Riverside Park after work today. They serving up some fab burgers and smokies (not likely as good as Fatty's brats though...while you are there, make sure you click on the Lance Armstrong Foundation links and make a donation) and some of the best strawberries that I have eaten in a loooong time. They were a very good argument against the USAmerican anemic berries that we have been buying at Stupidstore. Thanks to the BTWW folks who provided me with a chocolatey new t-shirt for organizing a 'team' at school...even though there were only the usual two of us who rode to work.

It was good to see Councillor Arjun Singh present and supportive of developing a cycling infrastructure that actually works (ie. a good way to get from downtown to Sahali and Aberdeen on bicycle). He also was very sympathetic to the fact that the aforementioned 'bridge repair' was absolutely brutal and offered to take a video camera out there for some evidence...perhaps I will. Kudos to you Mr. Singh for supporting cycling in Kamloops.

Last Saturday, I took a ride up to what will be our new house. This time we will be paying our own mortgage and not someone else's! The house is about 10 km from our place now and 450 m higher in elevation. Took about an hour to get up there on the Kona (with knobbies) even with a couple of route finding detours. The fun part was the 15 minute ride back down.

Keep the rubber side down.

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